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Two "Nara" Limited Edition Prints by Adam Lister DROP!

Adam Lister 特別為台北個展推出了兩款限量版畫----奈良美智(藍)和奈良美智(紅),將以抽籤的方式進行。一張的價格為4500元台幣(未稅),版畫奈良美智(藍)和奈良美智(紅)一款限量50張,每一張有藝術家的簽名、版數和日期。
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Two "Nara" Limited Edition Prints by Adam Lister DROP!

Time & Location

Feb 04, 12:00 AM GMT+8 – Feb 14, 12:00 AM GMT+8

About the Event

如需參加Adam Lister的版畫抽籤: 奈良美智(藍)和奈良美智(紅),請據實填寫表單內資料。 採實名制抽籤,每人(每家庭)只限購一組,請勿重新填寫。 

 Adam Lister 特別為台北個展推出了兩款限量版畫----奈良美智(藍)和奈良美智(紅),將以抽籤的方式進行。一張的價格為4500元台幣(未稅),版畫奈良美智(藍)和奈良美智(紅)一款限量50張,每一張有藝術家的簽名、版數和日期。  請看以下的抽獎規範:

  1. 我們僅接受由2021/02/04 到2021/02/14收到的表單(台灣時間)。

 2. 如需參加抽獎,請務必填寫此表單。

 3. 一概不接受私訊、電子郵件、Facebook私訊等等方式的訂單。 

4. 每人(家庭)只限登記一次,一個郵寄地址為一個抽獎名額,如重複的名字、地址、電子信箱系統會自動刪除,重覆登記者也將會自動取消資格。

 5. 2021/02/17 會寄Email 通知中獎。

 6. 如無中獎,將不另外寄信。

 7. 運費、營業稅金、進口稅進另計。可來店取或是選擇郵寄。運費:台灣本島運費一概為150元(一個訂單),所有海外運費皆為800元(一個訂單)。


 9. 如收到本公司寄出的中獎信,請務必於4天內將款項匯入指定帳戶內,並提供帳戶號碼後五碼,逾期將取消中獎資格。 

 10. 如有任何爭議,Contemporary by U Gallery ltd. 將會保留最終決定權。

  If you wish to enter raffle for Adam Lister's "Nara" prints, please use the attached link and follow the steps to successfully submit your entry.

 The Nara(blue) and Nara (Red) limited prints release by Adam Lister, is available right now as part of a lottery system. Priced at 4500 TWD (160 USD) each, Nara(blue) and Nara (Red) is limited to 50 editions each. And each print is signed, dated, and numbered by the artist. Below you will find details on how to enter the lottery….  

1. We will accept application starting from 4th Feb – 14th Feb 2021 (GMT+8) 

2. If you would like to participate to the lottery, please enter this form. 

3. We don’t accept application via Instagram DM Email, etc.  

4. Application is allowed only once per customer(family). Please apply one person per address. An application will be invalid if your name, address, contact information and e-mail address is used redundantly. 

5. Lottery results will be informed by email (to the winners only) on 17th Feb 2021.

 6. Unfortunately no mail will be delivered to those who have been unsuccessful.

 7. Shipping, import taxes, sales tax are excluded. The shipping will be 150 TWD each order (address in Taiwan only). International shipping would be 800 TWD each order (all countries outside of Taiwan). 

8. Reserve, exchange and return service is not allowed after the purchase.

 9. Please kindly make your payment in full within 4 full days after receiving the "the successful bid" email. Please provide the last five digits of your bank account number.

10. Contemporary by U Ltd. reserves the final right to exercise the final decision in case of disputes.   Good luck to all those that enter!

Registration is Closed

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